You may or may not have heard, but the A.S Bike Shop has moved to a new and permanent location! The A.S Bike Shop team collaborated with JFAK architects and the Campus Planning Committee to make our goal of a permanent space a reality. Our grand opening of the new shop was 9/25/2023

Construction started in March 2022. The ASBS is now open in our new location!

Our Goal

Our shop strives to keep the UCSB campus and surrounding community healthy and green by promoting bicycling. Not only does commuting by bike reduce fossil fuel use, traffic, and pollution, but getting on a bike improves health and fitness and even stimulates learning! The A.S. Bike Shop encourages people to feel comfortable using their bikes and experience the benefits of cycling through our services of education and repair.

Project History and Needs

The A.S. Bike Shop was originally housed in two corrugated steel shipping containers. During this phase of its existence, the shop had no running water or electricity, and structural decay posed threats to staff members and patrons.

In 2008, the storage containers were replaced with a double wide prefabricated building, complete with plumbing and electricity. The addition of a restroom, lighting, and the ability to run an air compressor and other electric tools meant that the shop was able to expand its operations and that staff were exposed to far less hazards.

However, it is important to note that this building was never meant to be the permanent home of the shop. The prefabricated unit is a mobile home that has been retrofitted to house the bike shop, and its shape and size create issues of crowding, inaccessibility, and sacrifices in stock and service offerings. This unit was originally intended as a temporary refuge from the most immediate dangers posed by the old shop, but has now been strained by over a decade of industrial use.

New Location

The new shop is located by the Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building.

During the course of the project, Associated Students, along with JFAK and UCSB’s
project management team, initiated a dialogue with UCSB’s Student Services
administration – and in particular UCSB’s Admissions Director – to discuss how this project
could better serve the entire UCSB community by providing ample seating, outdoor
gathering, and photo opportunities to provide first-time visitors as well as potential
students and their families with a more dynamic, welcoming, and positive experience – in
addition to showcasing the campus’s emphasis on wellness and sustainability.