About Us

As of Monday, September 25th, the A.S. Bike Shop will be open Monday-Thursday 10-4 and Friday 10-3 in our new location, UCSB building 344, just North of the Bus Loop and adjacent to 4041 SAASB/ Visitor Center.

The Associated Students Bike Shop, serving the UCSB community since 1975, is a student funded nonprofit organization dedicated to education, service, and safety. Our shop is run by a team of passionate students who provide repairs and resources to get the UCSB community’s bicycles running smoothly.

In addition to functioning as a full service bicycle repair shop, the A.S. Bike Shop is dedicated to empowering our campus’ cycling community. The shop also partners with a number of organizations focused on bicycling and sustainability, participating in annual events on campus such as Bike to Work Day, the Zero Waste Festival, and the Bike Fair.

Because the A.S. Bike Shop’s culture prioritizes co-learning, empowerment, and inclusion, working at the shop transforms many staff members’ sense of identity. People who had never picked up a wrench prior to being hired come to envision themselves as makers and problem solvers, capable of any variety of repair. We are proud to do our part to break down barriers within the bicycling industry, making the trade of bicycle repair accessible and welcoming to a diverse group of people.

The A.S Bike Shop is composed of student mechanics who’ve developed an expansive knowledge under the shop’s direction. Mechanics are able to apply and develop their knowledge and skills while also being able to use their position as a student to help other students. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We’re here to serve you.