To maintain your bike and prevent issues in the future follow these tips below.


#1. Oil your chain and other components bi-weekly

Oil your bike thoroughly. Oil your chain around every two weeks. Oil your brake and gear cables as well, it will help prevent difficult braking or shifting. As well as your derailleur if you are working on a multi-speed bike.  If you notice a build up of grime and dirt on the chain you should wipe as much of it off as you can with a rag. You can visit our shop’s oiling station that is offered to the public when we are open and oil your bike free of charge.

Perks Of Using Oil

  • Oiling your chain can help with a grinding sound you might be experiencing,
  • Having a lubed chain makes it easier to pedal
  • Oiling your gear cables and brake cables can make it easier to brake and shift
  • With multi-speed bikes, it helps you transition between different gears efficiently
  • Oil helps keep your bike components running smoothly and helps extend the life of your cables or chain

Tires & Air

#2. Pump your tires weekly

Your tires will remain at the same pressure for about a week, so putting in air weekly will keep your bike at a safe pressure. We have pumps outside of the bike shop everyday for you to use.

Perks of Pumping Up Your Tires Regularly

  • It helps make for an easier ride, it takes less effort to get your bike moving
  • It can help reduce the discomfort when rolling over things like stones or sticks
  • It also can reduce pinch flats so you have to replace your inner tubes less often. Which means you save money!

If you have an issue with your bike, get it checked out ASAP. The problem could become worse over time, and need more than the initial repair and potentially be more costly.